Freetown, Baby!

London, we have landed… by mabrajeux
January 28, 2010, 11:25 am
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So we’re finally there, landed last night just before dusk set in which allowed us a beautiful view over the mouth of the river Rokel and its serpentines… The highlight of the flight from London was an amazing view over the Sahara desert, which looks like parched dry skin, complete with wrinkles and goosebumps and goes on for ever…

the views over the Sahara

A short helicopter flight and a slightly bumpy ride later, we were in our very own little bit of paradise, complete with balcony and a view over the ocean.

So, to sum up…

Suitcases lost: 1
Suitcases found again: 1!
Helicopter flights: 1
Local Star beers under the stars: 3 (or was it 4?)
Cockroaches: 2, well, maybe 3
Cold Showers (in a good way!): 1

Level of excitement and amazement: pretty much off the scale!!

Impressions so far: the place is beautiful, lush and green; to say that it is an ‘active’ city seems an understatement and the local beer is good. More to come I’m sure…


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