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Week-end at the Beach… by mabrajeux
February 4, 2010, 8:16 am
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As I mentioned in passing earlier, we headed to the beach this week-end. Now this might make it sound as if there is only one and everyone congregates there every week-end, a little like Brighton beach on a bank holiday. Far from it…

There is Lumley Beach in Freetown, lovely by any reasonable standard, but we’re not really in reasonable beach territory anymore. Oh no. So, when you head out to the beach in Freetown, you take the Lumley road and head south on a red dusty road along the peninsula. Every corner seems to reveal a turn towards one of the many beaches along the coast, each with improbable names such as Kent, Sussex, N° 2 or even Goderich and each apparently with its own brand of loveliness.

The beach at Number 2... Need I say more?

We headed for Sussex beach, occupied by the apparently legendary Franco’s and his guesthouse/restaurant. It isn’t so much a beach as a bay which fills up at high tide and which you can cross by foot at low tide to reach a sandy bar overlooking the ocean. And so we got our first swim in the Atlantic, one of many I’m sure…
Back at Franco’s, the kitchen were getting busy preparing our lobsters (or, as our resident fish expert informed us, our large langoustines – doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?) and our fish carpaccios (carpacci?), all to be consumed in due course, ie after a couple of beers on the deckchairs and the application of copious amounts of mosquito spray.

Franco's at Sussex beach...

Lobster is a staple around these parts, as is most type of seafood such as shrimps or crabs, but also fish, with barracuda, snapper, grouper, mackerel, etc aplenty…

In fact, we spent most of the week-end sampling this amazing supply of fresh fish and seafood: lobster and carpaccio for dinner, grilled barracuda and shrimps for lunch on beach N°2 the next day, and, to polish it all off, freshly fished yellow jack sashimi and mackerel for dinner on Sunday back in Freetown… Good thing I like fish!

Catch of the day - Barracuda, Yellow Jack and two unbelievably big Mackerels...


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