Freetown, Baby!

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February 6, 2010, 11:40 am
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Before I got here I was trying to locate moving to Sierra Leone with a similar experience to make the whole thing a bit less daunting. I figured starting University was probably the closest; moving to an entirely new place, knowing nobody (well except the frog) and although having some notion of what I’d do (some working and some drinking) not really knowing what to expect. I also had that strange sensation of huge excitement tinged with an equal measure of uncertainy. One thing I didn’t expect though, was the similarity to that early 20s rite of passage – Freshers’ Week.

Hectic arrival, meet and greet, drink, get in late, get up early (OK, that probably didn’t happen in Freshers Week), logisitics you never knew existed, intense conversations, a need for hundreds of those little passport photos – you remember the thing. Fortunately there was no equivalent of the “what A-levels did you do?” question that we all must have asked/ been asked about 8 million times. Perhaps a sign that our social skills have developed, or maybe we just have more to talk about now we’re older!

I doubt there are many Freshers’ weeks though that end up with a 2 day break at the beach!


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