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The changing of the seasons by jc2010sl
March 20, 2010, 1:12 pm
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There are 2 seasons in Salone. Wet and Dry. Although the wet season is still a few months off, there are grim signs that the dry season is drawing to a close.

First, the price of oranges has gone up by about 50% in the last week. Oranges are dry season fruits and become scarce towards the end of the season. When the rains come, mangoes will be plentiful and I won’t find an orange anywhere.

Second, and more important, water is scarce. There’s no reliable source of clean piped water, so expats tend to have large cisterns at their houses. One of my team mates up the hill has run out, and has spent the last few days failing to get any delivered. He’s been dropping in on the rest of us for his morning shower.

The other consequence of the water running out is that power is ever more intermittent. The national grid gets it’s energy from the Bumbuna hydro-electric plant upcountry – completed last year and one of the President’s flagship achievements. So when the water runs out, so does the power. In order to ration power, they’re only letting water through the dam for a few hours each day. I gather this will continue until the rains come.

At least it won’t be all bad then, when it’s raining 24 hours a day for 8 weeks straight. I’ll be feasting on mangoes, and have all the power I want. Every cloud…


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mmm… mangoes…

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