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TV mistakes by jc2010sl
May 7, 2010, 1:18 am
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Tracking down some of my counterparts in the Ministry of Health can be a tricky business. Meetings pop up at short notice, often over-run, and staff can be pulled away to various engagements including media engagements to “sensitise”, that is, inform, the public.

Of all the people I work with, one of the most elusive is Dr SAS Kargbo, spokesperson extraordinaire for the Ministry of Health. Last week I needed to grab him for 20 minutes so dropped by office first thing in the morning. Unfortunately for me, the Ministry press team had put him up for a series of interviews on the morning radio programmes. I thought I’d head along for the ride to see how they were run, and in the vague hope that I might catch him between interviews. An hour or so later, with several more stations added to the schedule, I figured any hope of catching him was gone. I cut my losses and decided to come back in the afternoon.

I arrived later and managed to find SAS in a rare moment of calm. No sooner had we started talking than someone in his team rushed in and asked him up to a press conference about to start. I’d determined not to leave the building until we’d had our meeting, so I followed him to the briefing half resigned, and half amused at how the day was panning out.

I was ushered to the top table with the Dr, but sat myself to the side. The massed journos were arraigned in front of us as the Public Relations man from the Ministry introduced the event.

He thanked all for attending, and in particular the camera crew from Sierra Leone Broadcasting Company (the State TV Broadcaster) who were apparently broadcasting live.

The next day, back at State House, one of my colleagues came into my office. “I think I saw you on TV yesterday” he said.

It was the first time I’ve ended up on TV by mistake.


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