Freetown, Baby!

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June 25, 2010, 11:12 am
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For the last few weeks we’ve started to get the odd shower; occasionally torrential, but never sustained. This rainy season isn’t much to speak of I thought. Then, all of a sudden, it started in earnest. Rain, rain, rain from Sunday afternoon.

We’d optimistically taken our new team mates out to the beach on Saturday evening and stayed the night. It just about held dry until lunchtime Sunday and then it thrashed down. Of all places, the sea is the best spot to find yourself in – for a start you’re wet already, and the mountainous backdrop to the beach looks pretty spectacular shrouded in heavy raincloud.

Driving back was perilous though. I felt like the fat guy in Jurassic Park. Even with the wipers on full speed I could barely see more than 20 meters in front.

After just a few days of heavy downpour the streets in the centre of town, that is, at the bottom of the hills, are covered in red soil, and by the side of the road great piles of the stuff have been dug out of the open drains.

Yesterday I noticed that a number of my colleagues weren’t around. The reason, I found, was that the bridge to Goderich, a small town in the West, had been swept away.¬†Fortunately it had happened in the night and no one was seriously hurt, but on a purely selfish note, I was dismayed that the main route to the beach has gone.

Not that I’ll probably be needing it much over the next 3 months…


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