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Ornithological observations (2) by jc2010sl
October 14, 2010, 10:13 am
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One of my favourite books out here is my copy of Birds of West Africa. I’ve always liked birds, and being able to identify and categorise them sates my geeky side. Here is a selection of some of my favourite sightings!

Some of the birds are familiar from the UK, like this curlew, seen at Sussex beach…

…or the Kestrel that perches in my garden, seemingly to enjoy the view.

Others are a little more exotic, like the ubiquitous yellow weaver. In towns across the peninsula you can hear the deafening chatter of thousands of weavers, and spot the unmistakable round nests high in the foliage.

A regular visitor to the gardens of Kande Bureh apartments are the sunbirds. Brightly coloured, hummingbird-like, they flit around drinking nectar…

…and only rarely perch in full view.

Not bad for an amateur.



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It makes me very happy that NS is a birdwatcher

Comment by Natalie Trangmar

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