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Serving the customer by jc2010sl
December 1, 2010, 4:33 pm
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As I’ve noted elsewhere, customer service leaves a lot to be desired in Salone. So when it’s good, you notice. The bank my team uses is unusually helpful, and the concierge service with our phone company is incredible. They call every week to see if there are any requests they can help with. A UK standard plumber in Freetown? No problem, here are our man’s contact details. Hotel availability next Wednesday? We’ll get onto that for you.

I discovered the other week though that there might be an ulterior motive to all this. I received a call from the phone company asking me to a jazz night. “Why not,” I said, thinking it was some kind of corporate offer, “I’ll see who else from my team might be interested.” Cue chuckling at the other end, “no, Nathan, this is an invitation just for you, just a friendly evening, you know.” The following week the woman from the bank invited me to some kind of fashion show with her friends – again my colleagues expressly uninvited – and I figured maybe a pattern was emerging. I wondered if the introduction from the concierge service; “we’ll do anything if it’s legal” was quite as throw-away as I thought.

A few weeks – and several spurned invitations – later and I’ve noticed a definite dip in standards. My bills are late, and my calls go unreturned. I guess customer service in Salone is something of a 2-way street…



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