Freetown, Baby!

Remembrance by jc2010sl
January 6, 2011, 7:54 pm
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Looking up from the papers this morning a colleague said “The sixth of January. Twelve years ago today was the worst day in the whole war”. He was referring to the brutal “Operation No Living Thing” launched on Freetown by the rebels. “We should be commemorating this day.” There then followed a discussion with another guy in the office as to whether the sixth was indeed the worst day of the war. To pick the sixth is to take a Freetown-centric view of the conflict; “what about all the violence in the provinces in the years leading up to the invasion of Freetown?” as Abou Bakarr asked. And should a conflict be remembered for the brutality it wrought, or by it’s ending?

The Sierra Leone civil war had so many coups, offensive and failed treaties, it’s hard to pick a day to mark the conflict, even if they agreed on a starting or an ending. The closest Sierra Leone comes to remembering the conflict is I suppose “Armed Forces Day”, which falls on a day of no particular military significance. Maybe the nub of it is that remembering is the last thing they want.


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