Freetown, Baby!

Green ink brigade by jc2010sl
January 15, 2011, 11:54 am
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I’ve been marking tests over the last week. When asked by a colleague if I could help out I said “Sure, can you give me a red pen to mark them?” “No,” came the abrupt response. “Only the President uses red ink in this building.” To make his point, my colleague brandished a document on his desk; “you see, the President wrote this,” he said, jabbing at some red annotations on the paper. “OK,” I said, “can I have a green pen?” An exasperated look came across his face. Only Ministers can use green ink it transpires. I asked him if he was winding me up. No, he assured me, and I believed him. The wind-up isn’t really part of Krio humour. “Are there any other restrictions I asked?” “No,” he said “you can write in brown, pink, yellow, whatever you want as long as it’s not green or red!”

As I walked out of his office, he called after me “and that’s why teachers say they are as important as the President!”



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