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Moon Dust by jc2010sl
January 29, 2011, 2:59 pm
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The Harmattan winds must be blowing. There aren’t many visible sign of the sandy dust, but in common with others, my eyes are sore from the fine particles. I was sat at my desk the other day when a colleague noticed my eyes and asked if I was OK. “Nothing serious,” I replied, “just the dust.” “As long as it’s not Apollo.” Apollo, it turns out, is conjunctivitis. How so? I wondered.

Apparently, there was a particularly bad outbreak of conjunctivitis in the early 70s. This co-incided with a rather bizarre gift to the people of Sierra Leone from Richard Milhous Nixon – a small moon rock brought back from a recent mission. So people concluded that moon dust was causing the problems with their eyes. And the name of the mission became synonymous with the condition – Apollo.



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Of course- makes perfect sense!

Comment by Katy T-S

I’ve actually heard that before! I think it actually took place in Ghana. Your blog is awesome- I’m moving to Freetown in a year and now I know what to expect!

Comment by Siviyo

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