Freetown, Baby!

Lets lunch by jc2010sl
February 26, 2010, 12:16 pm
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It’s never happened before. I’m usually a pretty adventurous eater. But this afternoon I just couldn’t bear even a second mouthful of my lunch. The offending dish? “Crain crain with foo foo.” Foo foo is cassava root pounded and then mixed with water to form a slightly sour, almost translucent gelatinous globule. It looks unappetising and it tastes pretty unpleasant too. Crain crain is the sauce that comes with – a green, slimy affair (I think there is Okra in the mixture) with small flakes of dried fish and chunks of unidentified meat. The whole thing is fried up in copious quantities of palm oil, which leaves your lips orange.
Without doubt this is the most unappetising dish I’ve ever come across in terms of the appearance, texture and taste. One to avoid.