Freetown, Baby!

Road Kill by jc2010sl
February 21, 2010, 12:54 pm
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For suicidal creatures, there sure are a lot of dogs in Freetown. I bore witness to my first CRTA (Canine Road Traffic Accident) yesterday and perpetrated my first today. Contrary to the views of my colleagues – they tell me I’m psychotic – the act was not intentional. The stupid thing literally ran into me. My first trip driving to the beach was notable for another mis-hap – bumping a taxi at the Lumley roundabout. I realise the inevitable ribbing this will generate, but I think it’s worth the story.

The driver started gesticulating furiously after the bump and indicated for me to pull over. I wondered if I had enough cash to placate him, and was slightly concerned at how the situation might pan out. I pulled up a bit further on and was giving it all the “Ow di body?”, “Sorry boss”. True to Salone form, the guy was pretty chilled. Of course, he acted as though we’d ruined his day, but there was no real agro at all; he was just playing his part, and I mine. He pointed to the cracked rear light and claimed this was my work. “Boss, it’s covered in tape – it was already broken”, “Scratch dem” he indicated, nodding sagely. After a minute or two of back and forth banter, I asked him how much I thought I should offer in compensation. His demeanour became positively phlegmatic – “Whatever yu tink”. I offered him 30,000 leones (just over a fiver) and he was made up.

As he drove away I bet he wished more stupid white guys bumped his taxi.