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Electric Avenue by jc2010sl
March 3, 2010, 7:46 am
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Life’s pretty good out here but that doesn’t mean it’s always simple. My experience in week 1 when the electricity died at 9 in the evening was a case in point. I called up a colleague and it turned out that we have a pre-pay meter in our flat (as everyone does). So the simple solution would have been:

Step 1 – top up the pre-pay meter. But the shop in town where you can do this was closed, so the fall-back option was;

Step 2 – stick on the generator. Unfortunately it was out of petrol, and not connected to the house; so we needed to;

Step 3 – connect the generator. The only guy who works at the apartment who knew how to do this was at the beach, thus,

Step 4 – get the dude to come back from the Beach. Meanwhile;

Step 5 – re-fuel generator. Normally this is done from the nearest petrol station where we have pre-pay coupons, but that was closed so we headed down hill to the other petrol station. Not having the coupons meant we needed cash, but I had no local currency (and you can forget cash machines), so;

Step 6 – change money – actually dead simple this – there are plenty of guys who’ll change a 100 dollar bill into leones for you, and finally;

Step 7 – back to the flat, fill generator, crank it up and voila – 1 hour later you have light!

Incidentally, as I add this post, the National Power Authority is down, the generator is broken so I had no AC last night, everything’s gone off in my fridge, and my laptop is about to die.

If nothing else the last month has taught me to cherish electric power.