Freetown, Baby!

Enthusiastic! by mabrajeux
June 7, 2010, 7:48 pm
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Meetings in Sierra Leone generally follow very particular protocol:

    – first, the prayers, often conveniently replaced by a quick 20 seconds of silence…

    – then, the presentation of VIP members, listing their names, titles, position, and ‘observing all protocol’ (this is generally finished by an observation that all protocol was, indeed, observed. Just in case, you know, we were wondering or something…)

    – then, the presentation of ordinary members (that one can be skipped because, let’s be honest, they’re not VIPs…)

    – and, finally, the meeting / workshop / seminar can start…

On a recent workshop I was facilitating (think moderating 25 people trying to argue with each other and compete for my attention. For 6 hours…) I discovered a new ritual: the energizer! It was hard to imagine that it could be needed considering the argumentative energy deployed mere minutes earlier but I have to admit that our lunch of rice and sauce probably did get the better of us…

Cue workshop participant who hadn’t said a word all morning, standing up and enjoining everyone to follow him and repeat after him… What followed is a mix of reverse ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ and the hokey-cokey – think ‘toes, shoulders, shake it all about!’ while singing ‘I’m awake, I’m alert, Enthusiastic!’ progressively faster until the entire room is just a blur of shaking backsides!!

So, next time you’re bored in a business meeting of some sort or other and all protocol has been observed then, just imagine the participants (all VIP I’m sure) energizing away… Or better yet, suggest a little pick me up, you never know, they might just be awake, alert and enthusiastic enough!