Freetown, Baby!

Bushmeat by jc2010sl
July 9, 2010, 12:46 pm
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Being stuck in the clotting traffic on the Kissy Road has its upsides. You’re in a perfect spot to see the unusual wares on display in the East End. There are barely any shops to speak of in Freetown, so almost everything is sold on the street. Sometimes quite literally on the street.

I’d not eaten any lunch and it was well into the afternoon, so I got out of the car and had a little stroll to see what street food was on offer. I saw some fairly unappetising foodstuffs – fish balls smothered in a chilli sauce, and something that looked like grilled aubergine. I asked how much it cost, and almost as an afterthought what it was. “Giant snail” came the reply. I would have tried it upcountry, but I’ve seen the filth that a Freetown snail slides through.

My encounter with Bushmeat was pretty vanilla though compared to some of the things on offer. Despite the prohibitions, a particular delicacy upcountry is chimp. I recently asked a colleague what he’d been up to at the weekend and he said he’d been upcountry where someone had given him a chimp. Somewhat taken aback I asked him what for, hoping somehow I wouldn’t get the answer I expected.  “Very tasty” he said, patting his stomach.

The moral; if you’re squeamish or concerned about upholding the law it’s a good idea to ask before you eat.