Freetown, Baby!

Surf’s up by jc2010sl
March 8, 2010, 8:23 am
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I got my first taste (literally) of the Atlantic surf yesterday at Bureh beach. It’s the furthest from Freetown, but well worth the extra trip along bone-crunching dirt tracks:

This extra distance usually ensures quiet serenity (as above). As it happens, a bus load of freetonians pitched up either side of us at about 4 and tried to out-do each other with their knackered sound-systems! Fun to see for a while, but within 20 minutes, utterly deafening.

Bureh is the only beach in Sierra Leone where there is any surf to speak off. Before the war it was popular with the French for some reason, and when they left they gave their boards to some local kids, who as a result are sickeningly good. According to our travelling party who’ve been to Bureh before, the waves were good yesterday. Not that it made much odds to me catching the white water after they’d  broken. It’s a pretty exhilarating experience, even before you get onto a wave proper. This is one beach I’ll certainly return to, possibly with ear plugs next time.