Freetown, Baby!

TV mistakes by jc2010sl
May 7, 2010, 1:18 am
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Tracking down some of my counterparts in the Ministry of Health can be a tricky business. Meetings pop up at short notice, often over-run, and staff can be pulled away to various engagements including media engagements to “sensitise”, that is, inform, the public.

Of all the people I work with, one of the most elusive is Dr SAS Kargbo, spokesperson extraordinaire for the Ministry of Health. Last week I needed to grab him for 20 minutes so dropped by office first thing in the morning. Unfortunately for me, the Ministry press team had put him up for a series of interviews on the morning radio programmes. I thought I’d head along for the ride to see how they were run, and in the vague hope that I might catch him between interviews. An hour or so later, with several more stations added to the schedule, I figured any hope of catching him was gone. I cut my losses and decided to come back in the afternoon.
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